Gravestone victim of chains

I love the various ways people get round using the word 'died'. The website My Last Song has an article using some more recent euphemisms. It's here. http:///advice/99/148/107/funerals/funeral-planning/just-dont-say-hes-died

To me, her presence on that cover says that woman’s voice shouldn’t only be as significant as her current likability. You don’t have to be the good girl, the nice girl, the girl without faults, the girl who never had a lapse in judgement, the girl who’s always told the truth, the girl who people respect or appreciate or who never does or says something problematic. You don’t have to be any of those things to be a victim. You don’t have to be any of those things take a public stand. Therefore, I urge people who are bothered by Swift’s inclusion to stop and ask themselves if their gut reaction is to defend against a misogynistic ideal that negatively impacts women or if they’re just perpetuating one themselves.

Gravestone released five studio albums between 1977 and 1986 before splitting up. Several of the band members continued the band under the name 48 Crash. [1]

93 years - the length of time that one family believed the body of their forebear, Titanic stoker William McQuillan, was lying in the depths of the Atlantic. Then, in August 2005, William's granddaughter Marjorie Wilson was watching a TV documentary with her husband Victor, called 'Journey To Remember' (about BBC reporter Mike McKimm's dive to the wreck). First, Victor spotted the gravestone of a W. McQuillan in footage of Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Then, when McKimm mentioned William's age and his Belfast address, the penny dropped. "That's my Granda", Marjorie exclaimed.

My good friend, Karen Valentine, a true-crime buff, came into town in July 2006 wanting to photograph all the graves and sites associated with the infamous Charles Starkweather murder spree in 1958. This is the gravestone of Carol King, one of Charlie's victims, located in the Bennet Cemetery in Bennet, NE.

Gravestone Victim Of ChainsGravestone Victim Of ChainsGravestone Victim Of ChainsGravestone Victim Of Chains

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