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Grain to Glass - Studio Brew We like to think it's "artistic insanity." While some may be puzzled at the [...] Read More...

Rahr Standard 2-Row is a light-colored base malt made from a blend of American 2-Row barley varieties. It is darker than most lager malts, but lighter than most pale ale malts. It has moderate protein levels, and good extract yield. Its neutral characteristics make it extremely versatile, and it is widely used by American craft breweries as a choice base malt for any beer style.

Sides: French fries, potato cake, Gritty chips, coleslaw or vegetable of the day. Sweet potato fries or a demi salad available for an additional $
Gluten-free bread available for an additional $

H e insisted on taking the teapot to the kettle rather than the other way around, and encouraged tea-drinkers to avoid sugar, which destroyed the drink's flavour. "You could make a very similar drink by dissolving sugar in plain hot water", he quipped.

The studio created this mini-film for Cartoon Movie that shows their crew exploring local surroundings – both man-made and natural:

Brew Moore Brew Moore In EuropeBrew Moore Brew Moore In EuropeBrew Moore Brew Moore In EuropeBrew Moore Brew Moore In Europe

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