Cy coleman the ages of rock plays the classic beat

Simply Christmas is Leslie Odom Jr.'s Holiday Album features songs by the Tony Award Winning Actor from Hamilton the Musical. Released: November 11, 2016 Song included; 1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 2. First Noel 3. My Favorite Things 4. I'll Be Home For Christmas 5. The Christmas Song 6. Merry Christmas Darling 7. Winter Song 8. Ave Maria

If the patients do not have insurance and direct smears are selected, cervical and vaginal samples should be smeared rapidly and gently on a glass slide to avoid air drying of the cells, which may cause artifacts that can preclude adequate cytologic evaluation. Rapid immersion of the smear in 95% ethanol is the preferred method. Other alternatives for wet fixation include 100% methanol, 80% isopropanol, or denatured ethyl alcohol. When wet fixation is not possible, the most commonly used alternative method is spray fixation. The non-aerosol or pump method is preferable over aerosol spray fixatives.

A sweltering mid-August day begins
nicely, intense heat progressively captured under the partially
clouded yet bright morning sky. I roll outta bed and scratch my yielding balls, doing so as I raise my
other hand to shield the bright rays from both weary eyes. Chirping birds a plenty welcome me to
the screened window. The morning has yet to hit 9:30 and already I feel heated while peering to
the noise across the cul-de-sac, squinting being the only way to focus on the two strange folks
I spot. Both were watching the tedious unloading of a large moving van. I quirkily thought, "Hmmm…
Finally, the Taylor house must have sold?" What appeared to be a very young child ran about on
the old Taylor lawn. What also caught my attention was the lone female. She was distant and gave
off an hourglass silhouette through the blacktop’s eye-distorting heat vapor. Endlessly h—- ,
always curious and a naive virgin, I dressed in sporting shorts and a floppy white ball shirt. I then
scatted. A few fast steps through the bottom floor of my parent’s house and the side door neared
me. Wooden fencing around my home allowed me to spy on any neighbour and this posed
opportunity to do the same to the new ones.
Just when positioning myself behind the wooden barrier, eyeing up the knothole, the neighbours
went indoors. Damn! Model car building occupied my mind when I went indoors thereafter. Being
a Saturday, little else was left to do. This was my time consumer as every friend was on some sort
of weekend trip. Time flew rapidly. My parents & I were eating lunch when the doorbell rang.
Up mom went to answer the call. Minutes passed, voices still carried from the front entrance. Again
curious, I went to see what’s up.
Mom noticed my arrival behind the opened door, stopping mid-sentence to introduce me to the
person outside. It was our new neighbor. My eyes widened while my jaw dropped. I could just
s-h-i-t. A dream come true — Standing on my front steps was "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee"
co-host, Kathie Lee Gifford.
She & Frank and her 23-month-old son bought the spacious home across from ours. "We need a
secluded summer home away from New York," Kathie Lee explained. I stumbled over my words
but eventually welcomed Kathie Lee to the neighborhood.
Mom sent me downstairs to grab an electrical extension cord. Mrs. Gifford needed it for reasons
not recalled because I was dumbfounded by her imposing appearance. I came back excitedly and
passed the cord onward. It was a little breezy, and Kathie Lee’s cropped cotton shirt billowed up,
exposing only the bottom underside curvature of her pert, tearddrop braless breast. (No
nipple showed, sadly.)
There was no way she could stop the shirt from blowing up, as she needed both hands to hold her
son and electrical cord. She just had to stand there and let us see her briefly flash bronzed skin. At
the end, she left. I stood on the steps to check out her buttocks wrapped in a sheer white/floral
skirt that blew about too.
I ran back to the table before my mounting hard-on presented itself. I finished my soup in record
time, hardly hearing any words my parents said about our new additions next door. Leaving the
table was a crafty conduct, I had to guard the wet p-r-e-c-u-m pattern.
Kathie Lee and her family left later that day for New York, so to complete their move. All week,
home designers came and went across the street, filling the home with costly furnishings. Another
Saturday arrived, heat was the conversation of everyone still.
It was my day to mow the lawn, plus, one week to go before my 15th birthday. Sweat poured
from my physique under 38-degree Colorado sunshine. Just as I finished at 2:15, a flashy black
2-door Lincoln Continental pulled into the neighboring driveway. First popped out the
23-month-old slowly, as they do, then the busty Gifford. That’s all. I couldn’t hide fast enough
before hearing, "Hi neighbor." She stood with one hand waving. I paused shyly then yelled
sheepishly, "…H-h-hello." I quivered as both came over. My 5" boner snapped in palpitations
under the boxer-type sport shorts that hung from my trim waist. Summer heat made Kathie Lee
dress for comfort – Barefoot & braless, her 5’ 8" frame hung clothes like never witnessed before.
Every step towards me seemed drawn out, almost surreal. She walked ladylike poised with courtly
grace, young son hanging onto one hand. My eyes were drawn first to her deep & dark c-u-n-t
crack. The fashionably fitted pink lace-up terrycloth shorts left nothing, absolutely nothing to the
imagination, molding to her like second skin.
Very, very prominent were the outline ridges of large, jagged p-u-s-s-y lips. Because terrycloth is
so thin, the center inseam is somewhat non-existent, doubly nestling the pink crotch material
explicitly & graphically deep between meaty labia folds. Her t-i-t-i-l-l-a-t-i-n-g c-u-n-t crevasse
equaled the depth of an ocean abyss. Her nasty gash being 1 1/4" deep & 1/2" wide, making it
look well-f-u-c-k-e-d, because she’s definitely being well f-u-c-k-e-d….not by Frank, perhaps
her pool boy . It was a short stroll for them. Their pace halted next to me and
my lawnmower. My eyes ended its sole c-u-n-t focus & brushed higher past her juicy t-i-t-s, so
not to be caught looking. We reintroduced ourselves. Additionally, I quickly mentioned I was a
huge fan. She said, "Thanks, but treat me like any other neighbor, okay?" "Sure," I voiced in a
cracked pubescent tone.
Nervousness subsided during our chat until she blew me away, saying with an analytical expression,
"Did you like the show?" I muffled, "What show?", looking downward… shyly. Kathie Lee realized
my intimidation and continued teasing, saying, "You know, last week?" Embarrassingly I pleated, "I
saw nothing." She knew I briefly viewed only a glimpse but acted as if I viewed more, wickedly
smiling in silence. Horrified, my tube steak had stiffened — painfully at a 90-degree angle, it looked
as if making a right-hand turn. It {my boner} became entangled within my frontal underwear
opening and that entanglement stopped its upward advancement. At this point, exploding was not
too far off. Much like an unruly mushroom rising within manicured lawn, my pressurized
c-o-c-k-h-e-a-d poked sideways.
It made a pup tent out the side of the flimsy shorts. The ample shaft bent 90-degress over my left
thigh top. It felt like snapping in two. I let it be, not able to rescue it. Trying to keep her lovely eyes
from looking down at the prominence became paramount.
My pulsating dark c-o-c-k-h-e-a-d and green shorts became wet from dense, simmering
p-r-e-c-u-m. Quickly I nonchalantly cupped both hands off to the side of my bulging shorts, both
knees weakened fast. She looked down and winked, noticing the prominence under taut material
and the damp circle at its bulbous end. She said, "Oh, am I embarrassing you?" "No, no," replied
myself, "this wet spot’s from sweating. Ya, I-I-I dripped, ya, I dripped sweat from my forehead
when sitting on the steps during a break. I wiped most of it, then stuffed a rolled-up facecloth in my
pocket." She knew otherwise but agreed with a wink of her heavily made-up eye. She knew she
erected me to paining hardness — and prolonged it.
"That’s such a BIG cloth to be in such a little pocket?", she noted wide-eyed. My face reddened,
my dink palpated, my eyes blood-pressure blurry as she pointed to her own frontal shorts
pocket… describing, "Can’t fit that much in here, can I?" Her finger was consciously sited only
two-inches above the 1 ½" deep vagina s-l-i-t, then moved it up to the afor mentioned tiny change
pocket which she tapped with that very finger. Kathie Lee raised her manicured right hand to tuck
windblown blonde locks behind both ears. Purposely done, her forearm grazed her right t-i-t and
wrinkled the baby-blue tank covering it. Erect nipples — from f-u-c-k-i-n-g with my mind, no
doubt — stood out one-inch or better, consequently, the one she hit acted like a clothes hanger and
kept the material from falling back into place. She tugged the tank top down and without doubt
made sure I saw. After momentarily tugging it, she tucked the bottom into the skintight rosy short
shorts to keep its tautness. Thankfully the tank now molded to her braless boobs like second skin.
Both heaved nipples were visibly solid. She looked into my eyes while tucking, catching my stare
once again.
A freshly-cut grass blade blew onto the tight top, next to one jutting nipple. She picked it off and
intentionally brushed a finger over the colossal nipple for cleansing, and to make the whole boob
jiggle. She caught me staring a third time but said nothing, only smiling. "Well, must go," quipped
she. Then turned to bend forward, picking up her tired son. Both bazooms swayed & freely
dangled uncontrollably beneath the delicate tank top, giving sunlight exposure down her flexing
cleavage. As that went on I peered at her butt. It was as if being mooned because both succulent
bare ass cheeks smiled at me. She erected her stance, turned, waved good-bye over her shoulder,
making sure I noticed her heavenly hung-out ass. The cleft strip of pink material so thin and pulled
so tight between her curvaceous butt-tocks that I could see the darker pigmentation of her
nickel-sized s-h-i-t-h-o-l-e. I watched her distant ourselves. My hard-on subsided when my mom
noted my stare from a doorway, telling me to work harder. I returned to rake the lovely smelling
Finally — my birthday arrived the following Saturday. "Happy Birthday!" the crowd yelled as I
entered the decorated dinning room. Mom arranged a surprise party when I was out with my father
shopping. Four of my closest friends welcomed me to sit with ‘em. Air conditioning held the inside
temperature down, and dimmed lighting preferred by all.
When my eyes focused from the beaming daylight to the darkened room, I about passed out when
noting Kathie Lee was part of the "surprise group" too, she seated next to the "birthday boy" spot.
(Mom thought I would enjoy the extra company) I addressed all and sat. First thing noted? Kathie
Lee’s powerful perfume — Delectable Chanel #5 was splashed excessively. It overcame
everything, very bewitching. Because it was a celebration she dolled herself up, dressed much like
the last time I talked with her.
Meanwhile during the hellos, my eyes caught her extremely skintight white-denim Daisy Dukes and
teasing white v-neck/lace crop top — this because of summery heat. A shiny gold necklace
garnished down into her roomy tanned cleavage. Both pert one-inch long nipples aggressively
forced themselves outward against the lace fabric, a hint of brown silver-dollar-sized areola visible
besides. To add a touch a class, appealing tanned size 7 feet donned a pair of elegant white 5"
stiletto pumps — with sexy double ankle straps and arousing gold-tipped spikes. She sat with
shimmering bare legs crossed ladylike, pumping the top shoe sort of nervous-like. Her cute son,
Cody, sat atop her lap, looking about.
Kathie Lee’s colorful Revlon make-up was applied plentiful & thick – (The "look" she has on her
show most days.) Bright raisin-purple sheen covered her entire sultry mouth. (My utmost favorite
colour, actually, every shade of purple is so f-u-c-k-i-n’ hot & sultry. Peach & tangerine run
second and third in other favorite lipstick colours) The glow from 15 cake candles reflected
upward, the wall-mounted candle holders shown downward, glimmering not only off her moist
bottom lip but her top as well. Both Kathie Lee’s lips looked so f-u-c-k-i-n’ wet and so super
lustrous, heavily coated to perfection. The center curvature of the bottom lip was slightly shaded
lighter purple, sexily highlighting its fullness and pouty glittery contour. Mascara was dense and jet
black. The darkness of her lashes highlighted the white of her large eyes, charcoal dark eyeliner
beautified and emphasized. Everything was purposely plenteous. Not a shock, her
chocolate-brown pupils stood out on their own.
Abundant powdery "black violet" eye-shadow shaded to a slightly lighter "coffee bean" as its mass
drew back closer to her extensively-teased "f-u-c-k-me" hair. Sections of each eyelid were
decorated in part navy-blue, too. Edging along underside of her whore-shaped tweezed brows, a
softer colour of purple/tope-mix rested, giving off a bit of lavender sheen below the length to the
brow’s tips. (So Sexy, that very shine.) All colours were obviously feathered back, blending evenly
to each temple and hair line. (Total bedroom eyes.) Lots of rouge highlighted each high cheekbone
to the max, having the redness of a frigid day. As mentioned, teased chestnut tresses were so airy
and smelling remarkable. Unruly bang locks , now and then, fell over both eyes sexily, this adding
the "mysterious look."
Twenty minutes into the party held out to be so unbelievable. All four friends were captivated by
Gifford, as I. She asked my mom to take Cody, so to go to the washroom. All eyes watched the
Hollywood star exit the large room. One of my h—- 15-year-old friends — who claims to have 8"
inches already — whispered to me but all heard, "I’d die to get my d-i-c-k between those lovely
t-i-t-s of hers." The guys laughed. Mom was too busy to hear. The sexy echoing of clicking metal
spike heels on waxed hardwood wooden flooring perked everyone’s ears. It’s a big room. It took
a few strides for her to exit. The liquid-fit, faded, high-hip-cut shorts framed her tiny tanned ass
perfectly. Noticeable to all was the absence of panties under the minuscule molded white denim.
"I’ve never seen a shaved p-u-s-s-y," a friend said, "She no doubt has one to wear Dukes that
Kathie Lee’s "kitty used the sandbox", if I may; thereupon she came back moments later. Sexy
rigid high-heel strides bounced her boobies like two raccoons fighting in a gunny sack, both
flopping about. She sat, taking her child back. Four h—- guys eyed her unbounded beauty. Kathie
Lee had touched up her radiant make-up, accentuating it twofold. (YES!) She again caught
everyone’s attention. Only inches separated she from I. The next move floored me. Kathie Lee
noted ten peering eyes on her, then, fumbled with the tantalizing top and surprising to all, raised the
teasing petite crop-top above one pert braless breast. I though I was in mid-wet dream, but not.
Flickering light glowed off the clear panorama of her round mammary mound of soft tit flesh and
hugely erected brown nipple. You could hear the zippers pop under the table.
Kathie Lee positioned her top in such a manner so it not fall. She remained talking, looking into our
eyes while waiting for her youngster to notice her brazen bare boob. She batted her dark eyes
lustfully while purposely distracting her child to look elsewhere, (the tease) so to give us a longer
boob show before Cody latched onto it.
My pals were doubly three-dimensional –down below — and could not believe their luck. Before
long, the 23-month-old latched onto the thick, massive, sorrel nipple. The engorged breast was in
clear view as sucking commenced. Mrs. Gifford was fully h—- too, because not only was her
exposed nipple inflexible, but her silver-dollar sized areola was swollen and terraced outward,
causing the nipple to jut even at a greater distance from her soft bosom. Her exposed nipple looked
to be the same size of 5 lifesaver candies stacked atop one another. I could feel my curved c-o-c-k
jab into my stomach. Mom said jokingly to the gang but directed it to Kathie Lee, "You’ll probably
give the boys boners." Kathie Lee smiled acting timid. The guys murmured "no way" to hide the
truth. Too late I thought, p-r-e-c-u-m slid its syrupy mass down my polished shaft. A lap napkin
hid my enjoyment. Cody sucked for 10 minutes on the savory bosom, then gave up.
I on the other hand excused myself seconds after Kathie Lee’s top lowered, thus finishing the
show. To the washroom I went for a needed release. Heading to my room & pillow to pillow
f-u-c-k it in the afternoon was not the thing to do, might be caught. I sat on the toilet with pants at
my ankles. Soon as I was about to pump my fiery meat, the unlocked washroom door jimmied
opened. In came Kathie Lee saying, "Oh, sorry!" Covering quickly, not doing a convincing job, my
rod stayed skyward under a hastily placed towel. "Shall I leave?", I heard. "No," I exasperated,
"Turn your head and I’ll dress and leave so you can use the facility." Water in the sink ran to hide
the noise. "That’s not what I want, silly boy." She sashayed my direction in a dancing twist,
dragging an index finger along the length of the white marble counter top, ending with many
rhythmic nail taps. "May I take care of that for you?" She questioned. Her eyes fixed on my
covered hard-on. Without pause, she yanked the towel clear. Then yanked my p-r-e-c-u-m
soaked boner upward as if leading a dog. Up I went, standing half-dressed. Kathie Lee swiped an
index finger across my knob tip, clutching then licking the p-r-e-c-u-m now affixed to it.
She worked her finger in ‘n’ out between her soft purple lips seductively, all the while unbuttoning
her shorts with her free hand. I stood silent. She worked those poured-on shorts from her ass,
down her long legs, flicking the tiny Dukes to the side with a swift kick of her sexy shoe.
Kathie Lee sat on the contemporary toilet and raised her legs up & back so her p-u-s-s-y and ass
stuck out towards me. "I want your virginity," quipped Gifford, "You’re still pure, aren’t you?" I
leaned over her, placing my strong hands on the back of the toilet tank. She swooned. My head
lowered, hot breath from my salivating mouth bounced back into my heat-glowing face. My nose
bunted up the V-neck, my mouth having free range. For minutes my sinuous tongue tip traced all
over her soft curvature, willfully staying clear of her big sensitive nipples. Only a wet trace of
secretions showed my recent path from one boob, down into deep cleavage, then onward up to
her other creamy-white, tan-lined mound.
A potpourri of female scents, from huge, airy hair to her heated skin powered my scents. I inhaled
Chanel #5 that rested on her chest. In spiral motions, I closed in on one silver-dollar sized areloa.
Much like a spinning top’s diagonal rotating pattern, each slow orbit around the sizable areola drew
me closer to the waiting brown point. Teasingly — I returned to kiss her cleavage and said sweet
words. A minuet bead of milk emerged in my peripheral vision. Snakelike flicks barely touched the
areola latterly, spirally licking as previously before. I paused momentarily before giving the
prominent nipple an ever-so-gentle kiss. Each peck brought a breathy whimper from Gifford. I
clenched the rubbery knoll between my teeth and pulled back. She liked that. I did it again until she
orgasmed from it. She experienced another pleasurable c-u-m shudder because I bit the nipple
in-between each forceful suck of sweet milk..
I started to greedily suck them whole. How sweet the milk tasted. Her boobs were softly yielding,
nipples sapphire hard and still terraced. I told her this was my first time sucking t-i-t-s. As I chewed
on ‘em mamas, out came that great feeling as a new pair of hands took hold of my meat and
pumped up & down on it. Her hand soon guided my face downward. Controllingly, that downward
motion came at the yank of my hair. I savored the musky essence before running my tongue over
the meaty private part — decorated with full lips and gigantic c-l-i-t. She was already wet and I
guessed she had been fantasizing about this for weeks. Her shining saucebox totally, totally hairless.
Only experienced pink & dark meat rested between her powerful thighs. I was c-u-n-t struck by
her meat & baldness. Both thick "outty" c-u-n-t lips resembled a bloomed rose. Each meaty petal
was wet on its respective backside. Kathie Lee’s piss flaps secreted sticky female goo that enabled
them to adhere to her thighs – hence the blooming rose. She touched herself by rolling both puffy
lips between her straitened fingers, her knuckles squeezed the fullest part of each soft darkish lip.
One finger then dipped inside her clam. I tasted the juice from that long female finger. Afterwards,
my tongue lapped over her anus opening, giving lube so to get my hot "mouth-c-o-c-k" up her tart
a-s-s-h-o-l-e as deep I could. "Tongue it good," she whooped.
I pointed my pulsating one-eyed brute in the direction of her naturally wide-open box, her two
fingers in the shape of a vee guided me in her velvet-walled gorge. I slid in, pumped slowly, built
ferocity, f-u-c-k-i-n-g with passion. My wet d-i-c-k tunneled unhindered. I drilled fast, I drilled
slow, minute 2 passed. "How good it feels," we both said in unison. More time escaped our tryst.
Minute 15 approached. Her p-u-s-s-y was so loose no friction could build. What a turn-on.
Perspiration shined tanned skin under both our sticky clothing. I was tired but far from exhausted
after 25 minutes of constant c— crammin’. The brown-eyed babe was flattered at my undying lust
for her, myself not giving up to c-u-m. Kathie Lee wanted for me to shoot my virgin load in her.
Fast rhythmic motions slowed. Seconds before a slower pace commenced to regain strength, Mrs.
Gifford accidentally "broke wind" during an orgasmic thrust. The feminine "squeak" out her tiny
a-s-s-h-o-l-e echoed in the toilet bowl. We chuckled. "I have an idea," the model announced. "Plug
my gas leak, baby." Thereafter I pulled out of her flower box still painfully hard & heated. Fluids
poured out in a torrent after my c-o-c-k exited, splashing into the bowl below. Our breathing still
hard and self evident.
First, my focus was on removing my T-shirt. I stood and, as my shirt went high, she expertly placed
both hands on my 34-inch hips. What followed: featherlite tongue laps up & down the entire boner.
Then a gentle kiss molded to my cockhead. A sexy bold PURPLE lip print now graced it. Her
tongue found my sensitive underside next to the urethra. She flicked it nicely. Soon both Kathie
Lee’s lips enveloped me fully. Like a country-fair apple bob, she went up ’n’ down slowly until
both my knees vibrated.
Gifford’s open-leg siting position on the toilet permitted me to see her bald patch and c-l-i-t nub
protruding outward. The above view of her deep throating stood my hair up, her raven eyes
focused up on mine while I was 5" in her mouth. I enjoyed the slow skidding of her mouth on my
solid member. Her lips wetted the phallic on the way down, her slutty rouge cheeks drawing in on
the way up, a twist of the head added periodically. Just the way I desire, as she too, her hands
remained away from my d-i-c-k.
Only her arousing mouth touching "it." When my knob got away from her mouth and snapped into
my belly, she’d retrieve it by grasping my chubby with her pearly-white teeth. She sensed my
looming orgasm and stopped the delicious b-l-o-w j-o-b. Had she sucked three more seconds I’d
have blown goblets. I seared in near collapse as the release I needed yet remained in my smooth
balls. My entire slobbery c-o-c-k now had a raisin-purple glaze on it. She took her right hand and
jacked her lipstick glaze into my c-o-c-k skin, saying, "I love gettin’ my slutty make-up all over my
man." A sizzle of air and saliva-mixed bounded from her unsmudged lips. "Now birthday boy, fix
my gas leak with your tool." She farted again but louder.
"That tickles my butthole," she says, "I’m so sensitive there." Listening to that from a standing
stance, a timely gob of clear p-r-e-c-u-m balanced precariously on my urethra’s concave opening.
It almost flowed over my c-o-c-k’s head from increasing volume. The clear "liquid satin" remained
on the head of my str8-up-and-down d-i-c-k in its globular form until I pressed it again her
puckered anus opening. The slick seminal fluid mushroomed across my p-r-i-c-k tip and over her
chocolate rosebud, making for easy entrance up her brown furnace. Remaining slouched, she
guided me to her ass and encouraged me forward. She bent her legs up, almost behind her head,
so I could get in deeper. Her honey pot juices trickled out the just-f-u-c-k-e-d s-l-i-t and down the
crack of her perfect ass. The juice wetted my flesh toy nicely during its flowing passage around it,
my c— acting like a river delta parting the way. Her heated s-h-i-t-h-o-l-e was loose but not to the
degree of her unrestricted s-n-a-t-c-h. Again I stroked entire lengths within seconds. Still no
friction, just slight rubbing on her deification walls, my sizable 6" c-o-c-k overmatched. The model
was left with nothing to do but rub her c-l-i-t-o-r-i-s, she didn’t care though. Being I was up her
loose caboose, her pussy was in perfect position for herself to play with. And I could see deep
within her silken, drenched orifice. At rest next to the toilet were cleansing articles. With a pounce,
her fingers clutched a cylindrical shampoo bottle with a dome top. I momentarily pulled out of her
ass so to give her room to work the 9" long, 4" diameter "REVLON Outrageous" brand shampoo
container up her sloppy reproductive organ. The smooth domed top contented against the bloomed
rose. It went in with a pant, 1 ½" only stickin’ out. She bucked as I again rammed my penis up her
s-h-i-t-t-e-r thenceforth. Thumping slaps of my thighs on her buns vibrated the container, giving
Kathie Lee a double f-u-c-k-i-n-g. This reminded her of the first sexual experience she had, one
c-o-c-k up her ass while another up her pussy simultaneously. This at age 18.
Kathie Lee felt my weakening plight after 23 rotations-of-the-clock, that time filled with nonstop
a-s-s-p-r-o-d-d-i-n-g pleasure. Her muscular calves periodically rested on top my broad
shoulders. This gave positioning benefits. Her high heels were close to my mouth. I kissed them, I
tongued them, I mentally made love to them. At times she angled her elegant footwear so to allow
sucking of the long 5" gold spikes — Great pleasure to lick her 5" "f-u-c-k me" shoes as I did The
Nasty. She talked breathy with both coated eyes half-mast, seductively giving me directions on the
next lick.
I licked both "5-inch f-u-c-k me’s" in the middle of ramming my glistening dong up her pretty skunk
eye. The pumping of her rectum was much like throwing a wiener down a hallway. At minute 32, I
kicked into gear and passionately placed my lips against one closed purple/smoky eyelid – a
passion of mine since seeing her on a poster years earlier, I told her. I tasted her sexy make-up.
Her reaction swift, mouthing "f-u-c-k my ass harder." I kissed the other lid… and not-surprisingly
spewed. The moment long in coming. My mouth remained against her powder-covered eyelid
throughout my orgasm. But instead of shootin’ all the c-u-m into her SWEET a-s-s-h-o-l-e,
accidentally I pulled out when shuttering, yet remained rigid, listing over her long, sweaty body.
Ribbons of liquid pearls squirted over the still-inserted black REVLON container and doused her
t-i-t-s, lacy top, and clammy neck. Nine sporadic squirts saluted her beautiful upperbody. One
splat landed on her chin, the next missed but the one after that caught it a second time. She
extended her long tongue and lapped at them, crossing it from one side to the other. Some missed
goo desperately dangled in teardrop form until another lick rescued it from dropping, this at the
time her watery eyes met mine… again. We kissed afterwards, tasting saltiness on those glossy
purple lips. That dissipated and, ultimately, they felt, looked and tasted like imported whip-creme.
Motherlike, she tissued me clean and zipped me up. In return I papered her butt, neck & box.
Sadly the rendezvous was over. I opened the door for the goddess then followed her out. Clapping
surprised us when we entered the music-filled dining room. The guys knew what occurred and high
fived me. Mom had taken Cody for a walk at Kathie Lee’s request 53-minutes earlier, so she
never knew about the occurrence. Kathie Lee had a dinner date with her boyfriend and needed to
go, picking up her son as mom reentered the home in fashionable time. Mrs. G’s last words to me
that day, "My 46th birthday’s next week," winking doing so.

Last year's Katy-North Shore game featured a state-championship atmosphere between Houston's biggest brands, It was only a regional semifinal.

The only criteria for this program is a desire to exit sex work and/or exploitation.  Because, on average, most individuals make many attempts to leave sex work and/or exploitation several times before successfully doing so, Blue Door will accept referrals for individuals who may not be currently involved but whom have had recent sex work or exploitation experiences.

Naked now except for the sheer black hold-ups and her heels, Carol Vorderman lay back on the bed and closed her eyes. She kicked her heels off and spread her legs wide. Carol moaned softly as she slowly and gently caressed her full breasts again. She worked her fingers down her body, to the neatly trimmed little black triangle of fine hair between her legs. She gave it a few strokes before finding the nub of her clitoris and the entrance to her tight little vagina. She began to gently rub away at it. Carol could feel her blood rushing, her clit was hardening again. Her sexual arousal was moistening her cunt, making her wet, getting her ready. She began probing her vagina gently, first working one finger in and out, then two fingers, then three. Thrusting away, urgently pounding into her tight little pussy. Carol could feel the warm wetness of her tight cunt coating her fingers as she rapidly worked them in and out. With her pussy slick with her milky white juices, Carol slipped the fingers of her left hand out of her tight grasping cunt. She allowed one moist digit to slowly and gently work its way into her anal passage. This new sensation caused more waves of pleasure to ripple through her body.

On October 24, 2013, the Terre Haute, Indiana Parks Department honored John with the dedication of a baseball diamond at the Spencer F. Ball Park baseball complex where John's last non-professional game was played in 1961, when he was with the Terre Haute Gerstmeyer High School Black Cats. [17] [18]

Whilst the organisers are currently busy preparing the programme, we can confirm that it will explore human rights in the context of hearing voices.

Cy Coleman The Ages Of Rock Plays The Classic BeatCy Coleman The Ages Of Rock Plays The Classic BeatCy Coleman The Ages Of Rock Plays The Classic BeatCy Coleman The Ages Of Rock Plays The Classic Beat

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