Rick holmes remember to remember

I am always amazed at these two issues with HonH.
1) The guilt, greed and consequential stupidity of the customer (a responsible? adult) picking a contractor driving an 85 VW Rabbit with a 4′ AL stepladder bungy corded to the roof to do his ‘full renovation of the Xth floor’ for $50,000 cheaper than the bona fide contractor(but as the homeowner asks….”how much can I save if I pay you cash?”. Then after the dogpile mess is left, Holmes is there heaping sympathy on the poor,, poor innocent homeowner…..
2) Yes, let’s look a the real cost of the job the HonH’s repairing. Most people spend $40-50,000 on a car that sits collecting rust in their front yard for 23 3/4 hours a day for an annual expense cost of $10,000 and over 5 years a 50% depreciation cost for a a total of $75,000 but think NOTHING of spending/wasting this money…….yet no %#@amn way am I spending that much on a contractor/tradesmen to begin with …….and now with Holmes the public STILL does not know what a fair, safe and legal job costs….
Most small contractors/self employed tradesmen loathe his show now because of the way he vilifies the tradesmen to the point they are all lumped into one pool of SOBs……while of course patting the moron that picked the $50,000 lower price to begin with that is TOTALLY without culpability in this whole mess and holds them up to be such a poor, poor innocent victim……..your reap what you sow!

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Rick Holmes Remember To RememberRick Holmes Remember To RememberRick Holmes Remember To RememberRick Holmes Remember To Remember


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