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It was considered a necessity at this time for the Aryan Brotherhood to strengthen its numbers in prison. The 1950's saw some of the greatest influxes of new ethnicities among prison inmates, mostly new African-American and Hispanic offenders, amidst stronger sentiments of black pride that had been growing from the civil rights movements and the writings of Malcolm X. As a wife of a San Quentin prisoner noted during the course of John Irwin's (1980) research on correctional history,

The goal of such operations – in the parlance of counterintelligence agents – is “disruption” of the life of an individual deemed to be an enemy (or potential enemy) of clients or members of the security state. Arguably, the most accurate term for this form of harassment would be “counterintelligence stalking.” Agents of communist East Germany’s Stasi (state police) referred to the process as Zersetzung  (German for “decomposition” or “corrosion” – a reference to the severe psychological, social, and financial effects upon the victim). American and British victims have described the process as “no-touch torture” – a phrase which also captures the nature of the crime: cowardly, unethical (and often illegal), but difficult to prove legally because it generates minimal forensic evidence.


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