Bennie maupin slow traffic to the right

So we got a lift over to Basie which is a bit closer to Ichinoseki Station, and I started to get excited, nervous, jumpy. Calling ahead to check the opening hours at Basie a few days earlier, my dear Mrs. Jazz had said the owner was quite brusque and unfriendly on the phone...what if he was as intimidating in person? What if the place was a disappointment after all the build up and expectation? The wall of flyers at the entrance was my first hint that, NO, I would not be disappointed here.

EC = Emilio Castillo
Doc = Stephen Kupka
GA = Greg Adams
MG = Mic Gillette
SM = Skip Mesquite
LP = Lenny Pickett
KB = Ken Balzell
MR = Marc Russo
LT = Lee Thornburg
MR = Marc Russo
RW = Rick Waychesko
MC = Mike Chicowicz
RE = Richard Elliot
BF = Brandon Fields
SG = Steve Grove
TT = Tom Timko
DM = David Mann
BC = Bill Chuchville
AC = Al Chez
BD = Barry Danielian
JS = John Scarpulla
JM = Jessie McGuire
NS = Norbert Stachel
DH = Don Harris
AA = Adolfo Acosta
MB = Mike Bogart
TP = Tom Politzer

Steele Canyon (12-4) tied La Jolla Country Day’s 2016 state finalist and several others for the most games played by a California high school.

The repertoire includes pieces by Lennie Tristano (“Wow” and “April”), Warne Marsh (“Marshmallow”), Charlie Parker (“Dexterity”), and Thelonious Monk (“Little Rootie Tootie”), a Bob Hurst tribute to tenor-saxophonist Charlie Rouse (“Roused About”) and three Stein originals. While the music often swings in a free bop fashion, there are also freer explorations and moments of unpredictability. The interplay between bass and contrabass clarinets is intriguing and fascinating with Jackson sometimes stealing the show. While Abrams and Rainey are mostly in supportive roles, they keep the music stimulating throughout.

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Bennie Maupin Slow Traffic To The RightBennie Maupin Slow Traffic To The RightBennie Maupin Slow Traffic To The RightBennie Maupin Slow Traffic To The Right

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