Winston tong theoretically chinese

After graduation, Tong then established a reputation in the Bay Area with a string of charismatic, left-field performance pieces such as "Wild Boys," "Eliminations," "Frankie and Johnnie" and the award-winning "Bound Feet," which was loosely based on traditional oriental puppet theatre. [2] "Frankie and Johnnie" [5] appeared in the 1981 documentary Theater In Trance by Rainer Werner Fassbinder , who shot the film at the "Theaters of the World" Festival in June 1981 in Cologne . [7]

In late 1977, Tong met an early incarnation of Tuxedomoon, then comprising Steven Brown, Blaine L. Reininger and Victoria Lowe, after both were invited to perform at a local salon, Chez Dada. Afterwards Tong agreed to perform with Tuxedomoon as and when time allowed, a flexible arrangement that would remain in place until 1985. During this formative period Tong also met Bruce Geduldig, who would take on responsibility for visuals and production design both with Tong and with Tuxedomoon.

Winston Tong Theoretically ChineseWinston Tong Theoretically ChineseWinston Tong Theoretically ChineseWinston Tong Theoretically Chinese

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