Various the songs lennon and mccartney gave away

Helter Skelter ? IDK,...I've been listening to classic rock so much, I can't even tell what songs would sound "modern". But Helter Skelters pretty rockin'.

Detractors tend to dismiss Imagine as pie-in-the-sky liberalism from a rock star cushioned by vast wealth, yet it proposes a radical idea at heart. Inspired by Cloud Piece , a poem from Yoko’s Grapefruit , Lennon eschews any cheap sloganeering, preferring instead to envisage a borderless, religion-free world in which people can just concentrate on the primary business of getting along with one another.

"I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don't Wanna Die" is an enumeration of all the roles John withdraws from, and contains some incisive lines like, "Well, I don't wanna be a lawyer mama, I don't wanna lie" and, "Well, I don't wanna be a thief now mama. I don't wanna fly." The melody is essentially the Kinks ' "You Really Got Me." An aura of grandiose decadence envelops this cut. When John shouts "Hit it!" to the horns, it is like some ancient tyrant commanding the Nubians. He sounds both long-suffering and cruel.

With 100 hit tracks spanning five discs, this budget set (which has a decided lean to the British side of the pop charts) tracks the 1960s, and includes classics of the era like the Beach Boys ' "Good Vibrations," Peter & Gordon 's "A World Without Love," Little Eva 's "The Loco-Motion," the Ventures ' "Walk Don't Run," Glen Campbell 's "Wichita Lineman," Cilla Black 's "You're My World," and Eddie Cochran 's "Three Steps to Heaven," among many others, as well as British-centric hits from . Proby , Cliff Richard , the Shadows , and others, but unfortunately nothing from the Beatles , the Rolling Stones , the Who , the Kinks , the Byrds , Bob Dylan , or Motown, all of whom helped shape the feel and sound of the decade.

The "elementary penguin" was used by John as a jab at those who "go around chanting Hare Krishna or put all their faith in one idol." John admitted he had poet Allen Ginsburg in mind when he wrote the lyric. (Could he also have wanted to get a sly dig in at his bandmate George Harrison, who was enthralled by all things Indian and Hare Krishna?)

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Various The Songs Lennon And McCartney Gave AwayVarious The Songs Lennon And McCartney Gave AwayVarious The Songs Lennon And McCartney Gave AwayVarious The Songs Lennon And McCartney Gave Away

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