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This brief history lesson is intended as a preamble to the main event: namely, a two-hour prepared and improvisational conversation between Jack Kerouac, played by Beat scholar and performer Brian Hassett, and Neal Cassady, performed by original Merry Prankster George Walker. An art gallery full of people packed the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz the night before July 4th to hear what can only be described as a fast-moving, free-flowing performance punctuated by verbal gymnastics, comedic dexterity, and a sense of pure and innocent fun. Where the Beat Generation was effectively born at the now-legendary Six Gallery in San Francisco in 1955, it was not lost upon scholars of the movement that it is art galleries that are still hosting and launching such performances in the 21st century.


Old Dairy Farm Building, now Fringe Club and Foreign Correspondents Club

Bishop’s House (1 Lower Albert Road, built 1848, office of the Anglican Archbishop of Hong Kong), St Paul’s Church (Glenealy, built early 20th century with Gothic style spire), Duddell Street Steps and Gas Lamps (the only four remaining gas lamps still in use in Hong Kong. The granite steps were built between 1875 and 1889)

Gerald J. Russello is a Fellow of the Chesterton Institute at Seton Hall University and editor of The University Bookman . He is also the editor of the 2013 edition of Christopher Dawson’s Religion and Culture from Catholic University of America Press.

Winstanley remained and continued to write about the treatment they received. The harassment from the Lord of the Manor , Francis Drake (not the famous Francis Drake , who had died more than 50 years before), was both deliberate and systematic: he organised gangs in an attack on the Diggers, including numerous beatings and an arson attack on one of the communal houses. Following a court case, in which the Diggers were forbidden to speak in their own defence, they were found guilty of being Ranters , a radical sect associated with liberal sexuality (though in fact Winstanley had reprimanded Ranter Laurence Clarkson for his sexual practices). [8] [9] Having lost the court case, if they had not left the land, then the army could have been used to enforce the law and evict them; so they abandoned Saint George's Hill in August 1649, much to the relief of the local freeholders .

Since our first solemn assembly, in 2000 at the National Mall in Washington DC where 400,000 young people gathered,  we have hosted gatherings in America and abroad, calling together tens of thousands at a time for twelve hours of fasting and prayer to arenas, fields and stadiums. From these gatherings nearly a million young people have been initiated into a lifestyle of prayer and branded with consecration to the Lord. 

Alexander Ulyanov became a member of the People's Will (Narodnaya Volya) and organization that had assassinated Alexander II and now had plans to kill his son, Alexander III . In secret meetings at his apartment, plans were laid to kill the Tsar on 1st March 1887, the sixth anniversary of the assassination of his father. Ulyanov also prepared a manifesto to the Russian people, to be published immediately after the Tsar's death. It began: "The spirit of the Russian land lives and the truth is not extinguished in the hearts of her sons." (10)

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Other revived Christians felt led to improve conditions in cities, prisons, and asylums. These reforms were often aimed at helping disadvantaged people to focus on their own spiritual condition, rather than just their living conditions. If you learned to read in a public school, you can thank the Second Great Awakening for that too. Reformers believed that public education would create a more productive, hard-working population and give more people the ability to study the Bible. This charitable work drew women into the world of politics, and it wasn't long before they began advocating for their own right to vote.

Revolutionaries RevivalRevolutionaries RevivalRevolutionaries RevivalRevolutionaries Revival

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